The Poole Family Genealogy

Pennsylvania - Delaware

Clarence Poole, Mildred Poole, Emma Poole & Harvey Poole

Clarence Poole, Mildred Poole, Gerald Poole,
Emma Poole and Harvey Poole - 1938 (L to R)

"The only way to look into the future is by standing on the shoulders of the past."

For many years we have researched the history of this branch of the
Poole Family who lived and died in Delaware County, Pennsylvania and Newcastle County, Delaware.

We have traced this direct line back to Thomas Poole (1784-1836) and
Elizabeth Skillington Poole (1786-1870).

Thomas and Elizabeth had the following 10 children:

1. Charlotte Poole (1807-1871) married Wesley Clark
2. Sarah Poole b. 1809
3. Wesley Poole (1811-1904) married Mary Williams
4. Richard Poole (1814-1896) married Sarah Ann Brown
Second wife Lydia H. Miller Remington
5. Clayton Poole (1817-1829)
6. Mary Ann Poole b. 1819
7. Jane Eliza Poole (1822-1883) married Samuel Grubb
8. Lewis Poole (1825-1876)
9. Emily Poole (1828-1900) married Davis Barlow
10. Adaline Poole (1831-1913) married Edmund Jones
More Poole Genealogy

We are seeking the father of the above mentioned Thomas Poole (1784-1836) and are particularly interested in any information about the Richard Poole who was living in Lower Chichester, Pennsylvania in the 1790 census with 5 males under the age of sixteen.

I would be glad to share any information I have with others who are
interested in this line of the Poole family. Any queries you have can
be sent to me by

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